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Thanks to team of great people who support me, I finally have a professional videos. The shooting took place on June 4 at Jazz Dock.
Roman Pokorny - guitar & vocal, Martin Lehký - bass, Pavel Bady Zbořil - drums. Video by
Riot, Audio by Petr Kocfelda & Roman Pokorny.

From 19 to 26.7.2014 will be held Czech Jazz Workshop in Prague, where I will be teach guitar this year.
Because I do not accept students for private lessons for years , I hope, that this report can make you happy.
I want to teach mainly playing the guitar and music theory, but I hope to have time for something about guitars, apms, tubes, strings and recording techniques. Registration is already on the website of the Czech Jazz Society
>> registration ​​<<.
I look forward to meeting you!

Roman Pokorný

Website of the project Feelin' the Spirit:, Album Feelin' the Spirit is available on iTunes.

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New album christening!

I would like to remind you after years, entertaining computer game RoBox (Roman's box).
This computer game we developed with Martin Novak and Ondrej Pivec. Even after years is a very fun and works on both platforms - Mac and PC.

Computer music interactive game: PC download / Mac OS X download

Every Tuesday at U Malého Glena!
Roman Pokorný plays every Tuesday at U Malého Glena on Mala Strana in Center of Prague few steps from Charles Bridge! R.P. Usually plays blues with his blues band (guitar, vocal, bass guitar, drums) . Sometimes modern Fusion trio. U Malého Glena is picturesque and homely club where you can be close to the musicians as you have ever been!

Canadian Tour 2007
I spend 16 nice days in Toronto Canada. I met my friends and play 5 concerts there. It was very good experience to meet great local musicians and also play with them. Special thanks to Czech Airolines and musician friends Lynn and James McDonald, Dave Restivo, Howard Ross, Ben Riley, Ross McIntyre, Richard Underhill, Boby Watson and many others.